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Samsung Epic 4G vs Fascinate, Vibrant, & Captivate: Total Cost of Ownership

Erik Chang

Interested in one of the leading Android-powered smartphone? Check out our total cost of ownership comparison for the U.S. Samsung Galaxy S variants.

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iPad vs the Competition: Who Will Win The Tablet War?

Angelica Nierras

The Apple iPad has recently been launched to many positive reviews. Is the Apple iPad truly a “magical and revolutionary product” at an unbelievable price?

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Dissecting The Mobile Phone Plan Markup

Erik Chang

Mobile phone companies provide the basic service of transferring information, whether that be in the form of phone calls, text messaging or internet data plans. However, the method in which they charge for these services is not so basic. By coupling various services into packages and failing to disclose specific details, these companies make it difficult to understand exactly what

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Valentine’s Day: By the Numbers

Stan Reybern

Billions are spent annually on flowers, candy, jewelry, balloons and cards for Valentine’s Day, making it one of the sweetest days of the year for many retailers.

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The Global Problem of National Debt

Stan Reybern

Here we take a look at how the US stacks up against many other countries in a variety of different debt-related categories, as well as how the debt was accumulated.

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The Highest Global Inflation Rates

Stan Reybern

While those of us in the U.S. may complain about increasing costs, many countries in the world have a much higher rate of inflation. While the U.S., Canada, the UK and Spain have inflation rates below 3%, Zimbabwe has the most shocking inflation rate in the world at 12,563%.

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Nexus One vs iPhone, Droid, and Palm Pre: Total Cost of Ownership

Tony Adam

Today is Nexus One launch day and we decided in typical BillShrink fashion, we would take a look at the overall total cost of ownership of the Nexus One vs iPhone along with the Droid and Palm Pre. This is the first time that any phone has been available for purchase unlocked and available for purchase at a discounted rate

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