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Small Cap Stocks

Stan Reybern

In today’s volatile economy, a small investment that could potentially offer a large return seems more attractive than ever. Small cap stocks, ranging in price from $1 to $10 a share may provide just that opportunity for some savvy investors. While you may not strike it rich with small cap stocks, they can be a great addition to a diversified

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Common Investing Mistakes

Erik Chang

One of the ways that investors diminish the worth of their investments is by acting against common sense and their financial adviser’s recommendations. One common mistake is to develop a sound investment strategy and then change it on a whim or in response to a popular news story. Retaining holdings even if there is a slight dip in the market

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Easy Ways to Invest

Stan Reybern

Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. – Warren Buffet Investing can provide you with a nest egg, supplement your income, or even be a full-time avocation. For most of us; however, active management of equities or more exotic investment types is something we don’t have time to do and often ends

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Teach Your Children About Money.

Alex Gutow

The recent recession reminded many families about the importance financial management. It also made it obvious that no child is too young to learn how to manage their finances. The mortgage crisis is a great example of what happens to people who don’t have enough financial information – many people signed mortgages they could not afford or that had terms

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12 Things About Wall Street That Should Still Worry You

Stan Reybern

Several foreboding obstacles remain to be dealt with before the millions of people who buy and sell securities feel as comfortable doing so as they once did.

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Five Investments To Avoid For The Long Term

Silicon Valley Blogger

This guest post is brought to you by SVB of The Digerati Life, a site that covers personal finance, ranging from reviews of online discount brokers to effective debt reduction strategies. So you’re finally ready to invest for the long term and ready to receive a higher return on your money. The catch is that you’ll need to keep it

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Men vs. Women: Financial Planning

Jonathan Rivers

Statistics show that men and women handle money differently. While there are exceptions to every rule, men generally are better prepared for retirement, are more willing to put money into savings, pay off credit card balances in full and are more educated about investing. Men are also more prepared for unemployment, which is fortunate because there are more unemployed men than women in the U.S.

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