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Free Housing – Jobs In America That Include A Home

Jenny Edwards

For creative and adventurous job seekers who want to cut their monthly costs, taking a position that includes housing is a great option. Live-in jobs are no longer just targeted to college kids and transients. In fact, many live-in positions now offer perks like paid vacations, medical insurance and annual salaries over $70,000. Some of these positions even include a

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Sector by Sector Employment in America

Stan Reybern

Which jobs are most plentiful and where? And which jobs pay the most? If you are looking for a job or choosing a new career direction, as many Americans are, the answers to these questions matter.

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How Today’s Job Searchers Are Supplementing Their Résumés

Jonathan Rivers

One thing is clear: after decades of staying relatively the same, résumés are changing in a big way.

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Unemployed: America’s 35 Hardest Hit Cities

Stan Reybern

Across the nation, cities have seen rising unemployment rates and many people are struggling to find jobs. In some areas of the country, that may be more difficult than others. Today we look at the cities in America that have been hit the hardest by job loss and have the highest rate of unemployment.

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Valentine’s Day: By the Numbers

Stan Reybern

Billions are spent annually on flowers, candy, jewelry, balloons and cards for Valentine’s Day, making it one of the sweetest days of the year for many retailers.

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The 10 Most Volatile Careers During A Recession

Stan Reybern

Recessions tend to be discussed mostly in broad, sweeping, generic terms. Either the recession is a blessing in disguise or, more frequently, an avoidable catastrophe from which you will never recover. In reality, recessions may have a huge impact, moderate impact, or virtually no impact on you depending on your skills, priorities and station in life.

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7 Overlooked Benefits of the Recession

Samantha Eckles

In this recession as in others past, opportunities have opened up for consumers, investors and businesses positioned to capitalize on them.

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