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10 Lessons to Wealth from Warren Buffet

J. Money

This is a guest post from J. Money, the blogger behind Budgets Are Sexy. If you like his post, please visit the blog above and check out his other work! As we all have come to know, Warren Buffett is a rock star. He can out-invest you, out-donate you, and even out-school you any day of the week. But *why*

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12 Personal Finance Lessons To Be Learned From This Recession

Samantha Eckles

Everyone I know is sick of this recession, and sick of hearing about this recession. For one, the media’s attention to the global financial situation is depressing. But as many have pointed out, we are in this situation because of our own devices. On the individual level, poor financial and debt management, have exacerbated outside factors such as the housing

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