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12 Painful Lessons Learned From Bubbles of the Past

Stan Reybern

Classical economists have long described human beings as “rational actors.” By this, economists mean that most people try to achieve their best interest by intelligently weighing the pros and cons of their choices, seeking evidence, and behaving in a collected manner. No greater evidence exists to the contrary, however, than market bubbles.

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Seven Financial Mistakes That Ended Disastrously

David Tu

As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20 — especially when it comes to mistakes in financial moves. From the dream car turning into a lemon to smoking your son’s college savings, we asked other popular personal finance bloggers what their worst financial moves were, here are seven financial moves that ended badly:

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12 Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid During a Recession

Stan Reybern

What characterizes a recession? Panic, desperation, overreacting – in other words, the opposite of clear thinking. This is especially the case in the business world. Unfortunately, many companies fall victim to mistakes that are a result of allowing the market to wholly dictate their business moves. Because often times, what seem like good ideas at the time, simply are not.

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