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12 Tips for a Great Christmas on a Small Budget

Jonathan Rivers

Christmas often comes at a high price. Between gifts, wrapping paper, travel and parties, making Christmas happen can spell financial ruin unless you go into it with a plan. But this year can be different. With some intelligent cost-cutting and creative thinking, Christmas need not drain your wallet this year – or be any less satisfying than in years past. Read on and apply these 12 tips for enjoying a great Christmas on a small budget!

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Government Spending: State by State

Stan Reybern

For the fiscal year 2009, some states got a larger slice of the stimulus pie than others. Here is a state-by-state breakdown of which states got the most money per capita from the stimulus bill and which states received the least.

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The Top 12 Internet Scams of the 2000s

Erik Chang

Throughout human history, one eternal truth has emerged: where there are hordes of people, there will be scams.

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Where’s the Money? Top VC Firms in the US

Stan Reybern

Where’s the money? Here’s a look at where the most active VC firms in the US are and the biggest deals have been made. Venture funding increased during the third quarter over the first two quarters of 2009, but is still down 33 percent from one year ago. Internet and Clean tech ventures were the biggest winners during the third quarter of 2009 with VC money invested in Internet startups increasing 42 percent over the second quarter and Clean tech startupsreceiving 89 percent more than in the second quarter.

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12 Outrageous Wastes of Taxpayers’ Money

Stan Reybern

No matter which party is in power, spending other people’s money rarely compels one to be as prudent as if they were spending their own. Combine this with the typical politician’s time horizon (the next election) and it’s easy to see why so many government projects and initiatives have been swallowed by waste over the years. Here are 12 of the most outrageous examples.

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7 Overlooked Benefits of the Recession

Samantha Eckles

In this recession as in others past, opportunities have opened up for consumers, investors and businesses positioned to capitalize on them.

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