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Mobile Apps: Banking, Payments and Scanners; Oh My!

Stan Reybern

From smart phones to tablets, there is an explosion of smart devices on the market, each of which has more computing power than NASA did back in 1969 when they sent astronauts to the moon. These powerful devices have paved the way for some new and truly innovative user applications. These applications aim to change the way people live their

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PayNearMe Helps Consumers Pay With Cash

Samantha Eckles

If you’re one of the 24% of Americans who don’t possess a debit or credit card, it can be a challenge to pay your bills. However, a recent startup called PayNearMe is trying to make your life easier. This new company has partnered with 7-Eleven and Ria Financial Services to help consumers pay their bills and wire funds using cash

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12 Ways Financial Institutions Screw You Over

Jonathan Rivers

Nothing gets a group of people talking like a good “bank screwed me over” story. Dissatisfaction with banks, credit card issuers and stock brokers is so widespread that entire forums are bursting with complaints and horror stories to which most of us can personally relate.

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