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Could You Live on $190 a Month?

Samantha Eckles

Many Americans have no reason to look forward to retirement since the Social Security benefits would be less than enough to live on. Continuing to work seems to be the only option for most people, while only few prepare a nest egg via investments and savings. If you are unsure about your retirement take a look at the numbers below

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10 Ways to Put Your Finances Back on Track

Jonathan Leane

On the road to fiscal responsibility, we all suffer our occasional missteps. Whether you’ve fallen along the wayside due to poor luck or bad judgment, you shouldn’t consider yourself out just because you’re down.

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Who Doesn’t Love Cheap Textbooks?

Alex Gutow

We learned of a great site that saves you time from comparing used book prices from every online retailer. A website called Bigwords does for textbooks what BillShrink does for cell phone plans.

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12 Important Financial Concepts You Didn’t Learn in School

Stan Reybern

Critics of the public school system have long lamented the lack of personal finance education in our classrooms.

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Seven Financial Mistakes That Ended Disastrously

David Tu

As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20 — especially when it comes to mistakes in financial moves. From the dream car turning into a lemon to smoking your son’s college savings, we asked other popular personal finance bloggers what their worst financial moves were, here are seven financial moves that ended badly:

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12 Personal Finance Lessons To Be Learned From This Recession

Samantha Eckles

Everyone I know is sick of this recession, and sick of hearing about this recession. For one, the media’s attention to the global financial situation is depressing. But as many have pointed out, we are in this situation because of our own devices. On the individual level, poor financial and debt management, have exacerbated outside factors such as the housing

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