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Changes in Consumers Spending

Alex Gutow

Since 2008, there have been significant changes in the behavior and spending habits of American consumers. As the economic downturn lingers, analysts predict many new shopping habits – increased Internet use, decreased brand loyalty and the end of the “buy now, pay later” attitude – are now firmly entrenched in U.S. shoppers. The new “normal” means that the buying process

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Making a Living Online

Samantha Eckles

There are a number of ways that people can make a sustainable living from home. With the recent decline in the job market and the growth of online businesses, it is becoming more and more common to make an income through online work. As of 2010, 20 million Americans were working from home. In the past year, online business have

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Stimulating the Economy

Erik Chang

The question on everyone’s mind is how do we stimulate the economy? While no answer is a guaranteed success, there are a number of options to look into. First, the government could increase its own spending. It could release federal funds for the construction of federal projects. There’s no lack of projects to be accomplished and increasing state and local

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Coin Collecting: Should You Invest in Gold?

Stan Reybern

Gold is one of the oldest forms of value. Investors usually turn to gold to hedge against inflation, governmental fiscal crises and collapses, weakening currency, and national debt. Gold can also be quite attractive since it has a universal value that is not subject to the bureaucracy of politics and other factors. However, you should still be cautious when making

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America’s Wealthy Ready to Return to Spending

Alex Gutow

Like the rest of us, America’s wealthiest families cut back on spending during the recent recession. However, it looks as though that trend has passed. The American Express Publishing and Harrison Group survey polled families with a discretionary income of more than $100,000 and found that spending on luxuries is set to rise 8% compared to 2010. This would represent

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Who still uses coupons?

Samantha Eckles

The recession hit us pretty hard, so just about everyone is looking to save money these days. One way to save is by using coupons. Although coupon-use was not always as popular as it is now, it has been around for quite a while. Some people live by clipping coupons and finding deals, others consider it a waste of time.

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The 10 Most Volatile Careers During A Recession

Stan Reybern

Recessions tend to be discussed mostly in broad, sweeping, generic terms. Either the recession is a blessing in disguise or, more frequently, an avoidable catastrophe from which you will never recover. In reality, recessions may have a huge impact, moderate impact, or virtually no impact on you depending on your skills, priorities and station in life.

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