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The Christmas Season: By the Numbers

Samantha Eckles

‘Tis the season for Christmas trees, lights and gifts, and in the past that has meant the season of outrageous spending. While the holidays may not be cheap, hard times sometimes call for desperate measures and drastic budget changes. Here’s a look at the hard facts and numbers of this most wonderful time of the year.

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7 Overlooked Benefits of the Recession

Samantha Eckles

In this recession as in others past, opportunities have opened up for consumers, investors and businesses positioned to capitalize on them.

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The Impact of the Recession on Different Age Groups

Samantha Eckles

Recent surveys show that not everyone is being affected by the recession equally or even in the same ways.

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10 Behaviors that the Recession Made More Acceptable

Samantha Eckles

Whether it’s brown bagging, dumpster diving or gardening, these previously “weird” behaviors suddenly come into vogue during a recession.

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$700+ Billion Later, How Are We Doing?

Stan Reybern

(Image) Despite scathing criticism, the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) is part of today’s reality. Therefore, it is now important to determine just what we, the taxpayers, have gotten for our money. We need to know how the bailed-out companies and institutions are performing now that the funds have been dispersed. It wasn’t an easy job, but we

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Predicting a ‘Modest’ Recovery Soon

Stan Reybern

The most positive thing to be said of recessions is that they eventually end. As bad as the Great Depression and other downturns were – and for as long as they lasted– the country ultimately emerged stronger, and grew more prosperous after each one. This has led some to wonder if a recovery from today’s recession is on its way.

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How the Recession Has Impacted The Way We View our Jobs

Kathryn Vercillo

This is a guest post from Kathryn Vercillo, who writes for The Money Saving Blog. The recession has impacted almost all of us. Some people will find that the impact is temporary, and when the economy improves, those people’s lives will return to the way that things were before the recession hit. Unfortunately, that’s not going to be the case

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