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Debit vs Credit Rewards: Which Do You Prefer?

Stan Reybern

Almost everyone loves rewards programs. After all, who doesn’t want to be rewarded for buying things that they presumably would have bought anyway? Though there are many types of rewards programs out there, the two most commonly used are the ones associated with debit cards and credit cards. Most consumers are familiar with the types of rewards offered by credit

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The Cost of Being VIP: A Look at Loyalty Programs

Fonda Chen

My coworker’s wallet has a Safeway card, a United Mileage Plus card, a Starwood Preferred Guest card, a Hyatt Gold Passport, a Marriott Rewards card, two “punch” cards for his local coffee haunts — and too many more to count. He’s lugging around two inches of plastic. It’s like in that great Seinfeld episode where George saves one too many

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