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The Best Loyalty Programs

Erik Chang

It seems like every company has some sort of loyalty program these days. Unfortunately, many of these programs are not worth the time, money or effort required to get any real benefits. There are, however, several outstanding loyalty programs that reward customers in generous proportions. Here are our picks for the top three loyalty programs: BEST Virgin Airlines Image Source

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How Are Banks Rewarding Customers?

Erik Chang

Reward programs have become the norm for many banks and customers. After all, why wouldn’t you want to earn points or cash back simply for using a specific credit card? Banks provide these various reward programs for a number of reasons including: increasing goodwill among existing customers, drumming up new business through attractive reward offers and improving their standing in

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Rewards in Social Networks

Erik Chang

It’s no secret that social channels are a great way for companies to increase exposure and build customer relationships. By simply setting up a Facebook page, companies can build a following of loyal customers and expand their reach to potential customers. To encourage customers to “like” them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, companies started to offer exclusive offers

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