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Around the Blogsphere – 1/18/09

David Tu

Every week, BillShrink Guy will take a stroll around the personal finance blogsphere and beyond (when he’s feeling adventurous), highlighting some goodies for your convenience, entertainment, and acceptance. 50 Ways to Budget Travel and Save Money on Vacations – [Money Ning] Money Ning shares with everyone tips on budgeting and saving money for travel. From airfares, eating, car rental, currency,

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Happy 2009 and a Quick Roundup

BillShrink Guy

Happy 2009, Internet! This is a delayed greeting from your host at Shrinkage is Good, BillShrink Guy.  I’ve reluctantly taken up this position to fulfill my community service sentencing requirement.  Haha, just kidding.  I’m totally enthusiastic about this! There was no doubt that 2008 was a difficult financial year for many people, and those of us at Shrinkage is Good

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