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Seasonal Sales – The Best Time To Buy

Stan Reybern

These days it seems like everything is on sale, all the time. While promotions, discounts and rebates have all become part of our shopping landscape; it can be tough to sort out the real seasonal deals from the ongoing marketing hype. Below are our picks of the best seasonal deals and offers that are truly worth marking on your calendar.

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America’s Multi-Billion Dollar Coupon Industry

Alex Gutow

Rising food and commodity prices, combined with the economic downturn has led to an increased interest in coupons by consumers looking for a way to fight inflation and stretch their family budget. Fueling the recent coupon craze are popular television shows like “Extreme Couponing” on TLC, and the thousands of consumer-led couponing websites and message boards that have sprung up

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10 Reasons to Avoid Holiday Shopping Sales

Samantha Eckles

More often than not, hyped-up sales events generate little more than false hopes, headaches, and needless spending that can and should be avoided.

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