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America’s Multi-Billion Dollar Coupon Industry

Alex Gutow

Rising food and commodity prices, combined with the economic downturn has led to an increased interest in coupons by consumers looking for a way to fight inflation and stretch their family budget. Fueling the recent coupon craze are popular television shows like “Extreme Couponing” on TLC, and the thousands of consumer-led couponing websites and message boards that have sprung up

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The Future of Brick and Mortar

Alex Gutow

Fourteen years ago, web startups in every category seemed poised to change the fate of brick-and-mortar retailers. As we all know, many of these web startups failed to convince consumers to change their buying habits before they had burned through all of their investment money. The dot coms that survived, like Amazon, came to rule their respective categories and, with

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10 Top Retailers

Alex Gutow

Consumer Reports, America’s trusty read-it-before-you-buy-it guide, rated the top “one-stop-shop” retailers in America. While you may not be familiar with all of the stores, these ten stores represent America’s best and brightest (albeit fluorescently-lit) retailers.

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“Get the Gift of Money” Contest and Black Friday Tips

Samantha Eckles

Tweet In 2009, the American consumer spent an average of nearly $900 during the holidays. This just lumps more debt on top of your already burdened credit card and you know, over here at BillShrink, we think that is as unhealthy as a gallon o’ eggnog. To help you avoid seasonal weight gain on your credit card, BillShrink is giving

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20 Tips to Help Stay Within Your Holiday Budget

Samantha Eckles

With so much money at stake, it never hurts to refresh on the fundamentals of intelligent, budgeted holiday shopping.

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10 Simple Tips to Master the Art of Haggling and Savvy Shopping

David Tu

If you’re a news junkie like me, you may have read about a recent finding produced by America’s Research Group, which found that in the past holiday season, approximately 72% of customers haggled with a retailer, compared with 56% the year before.  Upon hearing this news, the consumer advocate in me was delighted and I proceeded to do a little

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12 Ways to Intelligently Buy a New Car

Jonathan Rivers

It’s all too easy to buy the wrong new car or pay more than necessary for the right one. Without a clear game plan, you can quickly be led astray by emotion, hype or sales pitches.

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