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Starting a Business with Poor Credit

Stan Reybern

While having bad credit can make it more difficult to start a business, it doesn’t make it impossible. If you are truly dedicated to the idea of entrepreneurship, there are some ways to help you get the financing you’ll need for your business. First, reevaluate your funding plan. Studies show that credit card and bank loans account for only 25%

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Crowdfunding: Private Equity Made Accessible

Erik Chang

Imagine if all the pocket change in an entire city could be directed to fund or grow a small business. One handful of change might not make a difference, but a thousand of those small contributions can create a solid source for funding for an aspiring company. Funding through many people, or crowdfunding, is a way in which many private

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401k the New Angel Investor


tweetmeme_url = ‘’; Using a 401k to start or fund a business has been a hotly debated topic among industry leaders. Some glorify their business success stories and the 401k plans that made it all possible. Others criticize the practice as an unstable and risky alternative to creating a business savings. To the opposition, why use an unreliable financial strategy

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Save Money: Tip of the Week,


Take advantage of a government rebate program, through, rewarding consumers and small businesses who buy qualifying ENERGY STAR appliances. Similar to cash-for-clunkers, consider this program cash-for-appliances.

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