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Stimulating the Economy

Erik Chang

The question on everyone’s mind is how do we stimulate the economy? While no answer is a guaranteed success, there are a number of options to look into. First, the government could increase its own spending. It could release federal funds for the construction of federal projects. There’s no lack of projects to be accomplished and increasing state and local

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All You Need to Know About Credit Scores

Alex Gutow

When was the last time you checked your credit score? Your credit score describes how well you can manage debt and is used by banks to rate how risky you are to loan money to. An excellent credit score can save you thousands of dollars of interest over time while a poor credit score can prevent you from getting loans

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America’s Wealthy Ready to Return to Spending

Alex Gutow

Like the rest of us, America’s wealthiest families cut back on spending during the recent recession. However, it looks as though that trend has passed. The American Express Publishing and Harrison Group survey polled families with a discretionary income of more than $100,000 and found that spending on luxuries is set to rise 8% compared to 2010. This would represent

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Visualizing World Inflation

Alex Gutow

We all know that a dollar doesn’t buy as much today as it used to. However, the United States’ inflation rates seem paltry when compared to some other countries around the world. Inflation is a current issue for many developing countries and one that can severely harm an economy. Take a look at some of the inflation rates across the

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Spring Break: Top Ways to Protect Yourself (Financially)

Angelica Nierras

As this nifty infographic from Online Schools reminds us, the season of sex, alcohol, and bad decisions is rapidly upon us. All of that fun and sun soaked up during spring break costs a pretty penny, however. Between Florida and Texas alone, students spend an estimated $1 billion. College students on average spend $1100 a week on spring break —

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20 More of the Biggest Ripoffs in America

Stan Reybern

Okay, we’ll admit it: trying to squeeze the biggest ripoffs in America into a single article was a pretty tall order. In fact, it looks like we only scratched the surface.

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The 12 Biggest Ripoffs in America

Jonathan Rivers

Many of us feel ripped off in our day to day spending. Indeed, bringing up even a single rip-off story in a group of people is likely to trigger a flood of them from everyone else.

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