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The Collapse of Personal Savings Rate in America

Jonathan Rivers

This year’s dramatic shift in the economy found many Americans without a ‘rainy day’ fund.  Millions of Americans lost their jobs and saw their 401(k) wiped out. It is unsurprising then to see that the trend of personal savings rate has been on a fast-pace decline since the mid 1980′s, reaching decade-low levels in recent years. The following graphic shows

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Unnecessary Upgrades: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Jonathan Rivers

When purchasing a new product, consumers are often tempted to opt for the latest and greatest version, justifying the higher price tag with their perception of increased value. The actual value is different for each individual, and can be largely rooted in personal preference. While there are certainly benefits to most upgrades, many of these decisions are made impulsively, or

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How the Average U.S. Consumers Spend their Income

Jonathan Rivers

That hard earned money of yours; one minute it is in your pocket, the next minute it is gone. It can be difficult to track the various expenses in your life to figure out exactly what is draining your cash. Taking a look at average consumer spending in the United States gives us an interesting insight into this matter. The

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