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New Trend: Online Education

Samantha Eckles

With college education set to rise at a rate of 7% annually, the cost of a college degree will be double what it is today in just a decade. This means that public schools may cost over $40,000 a year, matching their private counterparts today. With the exorbitant costs, many families cannot afford traditional college programs and have started considering

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How to Manage Student Loans

Alex Gutow

Americans owe approximately $826.5 billion in credit card debt and owe a staggering $829.79 billion in student loans. This comes at no surprise when the average four-year degree from a public university or college costs about $50,000 for four years (before living expenses) and a private school can cost over three times that! To pay for this, most students are

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Are you financially literate?

Samantha Eckles

There is no doubt that unscrupulous lending practices were a leading cause of the recent recession. However, those practices would not have been able to happen as easily if consumers were better able to question these abusive practices. While the newly created Consumer Financial Protection Agency’s job is to monitor and warn consumers about these practices, they only have limited

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