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AT&T Agrees to Buy T-Mobile for $39 Billion – Do Customers Win or Lose?

Erik Chang

Here’s a wowzer deal that came rather unexpectedly (although in hindsight it makes perfect sense for AT&T). AT&T (NYSE:T) has singed an agreement with T-Mobile’s parent company, Deutsche Telekom AG to buy T-Mobile USA for a deal that’s worth $39 billion in a cash-and-stock arrangement. Having the second-largest U.S. carrier combining with the fourth-largest will make the merged company the

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The Ultimate Cell Phone Plans Comparison

Samantha Eckles

Tweet Though cell phone rates and plans vary drastically from month to month, and region to region, there is an average rate you can expect to pay per plan. Using this helpful guide, you can find out how your plan compares to the other popular providers in your area. Think you’re getting a great deal? Don’t be so sure! CLICK

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Samsung Epic 4G vs Fascinate, Vibrant, & Captivate: Total Cost of Ownership

Erik Chang

Interested in one of the leading Android-powered smartphone? Check out our total cost of ownership comparison for the U.S. Samsung Galaxy S variants.

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T-Mobile Drops 5GB Cap on Mobile Broadband (But Slows Overage Speed)

Erik Chang

In a sign that competition for the mobile broadband space is heating up, T-Mobile has dropped the 5GB data usage limit on their mobile broadband offering.

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Sprint Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money-back Policy Outmatches Competition

Erik Chang

No April Fools here. In a move to be more competitive to other wireless carriers, Sprint is now offering a more consumer-friendly “satisfaction guaranteed or money-back” policy beginning April 1st, 2010 (yesterday).  Currently the third largest wireless telecommunication network in the United States, Sprint’s new policy gives an added value to people who may be on the fence in regards

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Q4 2009 Earnings Report: Wireless Carriers Reap Profits from Data Revenues


The four major U.S. wireless carriers have posted their fiscal year 2009 earnings, and data revenues seem to be keeping all of them in business. To see just how service providers profit from your elected data plan charges, read on for the real figures.

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The Ultimate Cell Phone Plans Comparison

Tony Adam

As carriers continues to change their cell phone plan services, compare price and service between carriers has become increasingly difficult. This chart attempts to make life easier for all wireless plan shoppers.

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