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Your Taxes Vs America’s Top 25 Companies

Jonathan Rivers

Here is a graphic comparison of what you pay the government verses how little some of the largest corporations in America pay.

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Weird & Wacky Tax Tidbits To Chase Away the April 15 Blues

Samantha Eckles

In the spirit of humorist Mark Twain, who once remarked that the only surefire way to distinguish a taxidermist from a tax collector is that the former will let you keep your hide, BillShrink offers a bit of comic relief for those dreading the upcoming tax deadline.

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12 Common Tax Return Mistakes to Avoid This Year

Jonathan Rivers

Tax time is annoying and pressure-filled enough when your return is 100% accurate. Make a few mistakes, however, and April can quickly devolve into a nightmarish ordeal.

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12 Tax Breaks You Didn’t Take Advantage of in 2009

Jonathan Rivers

Few things are more irritating during tax season than the belated realization that you paid more in taxes than you had to.

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13 Weird Taxes (And Tax Breaks) From Around The World

Jonathan Rivers

Everyone knows that taxes are one of life’s only certainties. But while most of us are well acquainted with income and sales taxes, few of us are aware of the odd taxes that exist around the world.

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The 12 Most Notorious Tax Evaders of All-Time

Stan Reybern

Everyone is familiar with the saying “there are only two guarantees in life: death and taxes.” However, not all of us accept the latter as a given. As long as there have been taxes, there have been devious, far-fetched, and occasionally brilliant maneuvers to evade paying those taxes.

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Men vs. Women: Financial Planning

Jonathan Rivers

Statistics show that men and women handle money differently. While there are exceptions to every rule, men generally are better prepared for retirement, are more willing to put money into savings, pay off credit card balances in full and are more educated about investing. Men are also more prepared for unemployment, which is fortunate because there are more unemployed men than women in the U.S.

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