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58 Top Black Friday Electronics & Gadget Deals to Watch For

Erik Chang

Heading out this Black Friday to battle the masses and fight for the best deals?  Here’s a list of 58 notebook computers, electronics, and gadgets that’s worth your time and money.  (We’ll be adding more to the list throughout the day plus scanned Black Friday ads for other major retailers soon, feel free to bookmark!)

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Black Friday 2009: The Holiday Shopping Survival Guide

David Tu

Does the idea of shopping on Black Friday make you want to cringe?  If the prospect of dealing with the crowds, the lines, the pushing and the shoving intimidates you, take a look at our Black Friday holiday shopping survival guide.  Here are 13 common sense tips to ensure you finish your shopping trip with your sanity intact.

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Cell Phones and Credit: Another Reason Your Score Matters

Carrie Davis

You may know that a good credit score can help you get a new credit card, a car loan, or a mortgage at a low interest rate, but did you know that it’s also necessary for that essential modern-day accessory – the cell phone? Good credit = cheaper wireless Like mortgage lenders and credit card companies, cell phone providers check

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Top 10 Most (& Least) Prestigious Jobs in America: How Much They Earn and How to Land Them

David Tu

“When I grow up, I want to be a principal or a caterpillar.” – Ralph Wiggum Though most people probably don’t grow up wanting to be a farmer, a minister, or a caterpillar - farmers and ministers are considered by many to have some of the most prestigious occupations in America.  On the other hand, while occupations such as being an

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15 Wallet Fattening Gas Tips for the Summer

David Tu

As summer continues to chug along, your plans for road trips may be slightly hampered by the usual rise of gasoline prices during the summer.  Here’s a quick list of 15 ways you can keep fuel economy optimal during a season of weekend getaways and road trips.

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10 Lessons to Wealth from Warren Buffet

J. Money

This is a guest post from J. Money, the blogger behind Budgets Are Sexy. If you like his post, please visit the blog above and check out his other work! As we all have come to know, Warren Buffett is a rock star. He can out-invest you, out-donate you, and even out-school you any day of the week. But *why*

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7 Popular Cities to Watch for Credit Card Skimming Scams

Mark Brown

This is a guest post from Mark Brown, a personal finance blogger who writes The Credit Letter for It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. You come back from a wonderful holiday and get your first credit card bill. Lo and behold there are charges worth hundreds or thousands of pounds that you never made on your statement. What’s gone wrong? Chances

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