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Upcoming Mobile Phones (August 2010 Edition)

Erik Chang

Looking for a new mobile phone? Here are some interesting mobile devices that will be release in the near future.

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200,000 Androids Activated Per Day, Which Should I Choose?

Erik Chang

In the market for a new smartphone. Android it is? Or not. Which phone to buy!?

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Q4 2009 Earnings Report: Wireless Carriers Reap Profits from Data Revenues


The four major U.S. wireless carriers have posted their fiscal year 2009 earnings, and data revenues seem to be keeping all of them in business. To see just how service providers profit from your elected data plan charges, read on for the real figures.

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Google Lowers Nexus One Equipment Recovery Fee


The Google Nexus One Phone now has a lower Early Termination Fee for T-Mobile customers. The “Equipment Recovery Fee”, is now $150 USD for a Nexus One owner who chooses to cancel or downgrade within 120 days of activating a T-Mobile Service Plan. The fee is even lower for T-Mobile customers who upgrade their service plan onto a Google Nexus

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