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Verizon May Follow AT&T, Killing Unlimited Data Plans

Erik Chang

In a Bloomberg interview today, Verizon’s chief financial officer John Killian announced that they may be ending their flat rate data plan.

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AT&T Ends Unlimited Wireless Data Plans, Brings in Tiered Rates

Erik Chang

Users familiar with AT&T’s $30 unlimited monthly data plan for iPhone and other smartphones will see their new subscriber brethren being offered different choices.

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FCC Mulling Over Europe’s Wireless “Bill Shock” Cure

Erik Chang

Cellphone users should be alerted when wireless bills increase suddenly and excessively, says the Federal Communication Commission.

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Sprint Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money-back Policy Outmatches Competition

Erik Chang

No April Fools here. In a move to be more competitive to other wireless carriers, Sprint is now offering a more consumer-friendly “satisfaction guaranteed or money-back” policy beginning April 1st, 2010 (yesterday).  Currently the third largest wireless telecommunication network in the United States, Sprint’s new policy gives an added value to people who may be on the fence in regards

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11 Ways Wireless Providers Screw You Over

Erik Chang

Talk to a random sampling of wireless phone users and you are sure to find one thing: dissatisfaction with their provider.

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