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iPhone 5/4S vs Droid Bionic

Erik Chang

In the market for a new smart phone? The new iPhone and Droid Bionic seem to be at the top of everyone’s list. But, how do they compare? BillShrink compares theirs features as well as the total cost of ownership over 2 years to help you decide which one is right for you. click to enlarge Use the code below

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iPhone 4 Pre-Order Chaos, New Orders Delayed Till July 14th

Erik Chang

This is definitely not a good month for AT&T. iPad security breach, iPhone 4 pre-order server meltdown, and now, delays.

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iPhone 4 vs EVO 4G: Total Cost of Ownership

Erik Chang

When it comes to choosing a smartphone, there are several worthy competitors on the market to consider.

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T-Mobile Drops 5GB Cap on Mobile Broadband (But Slows Overage Speed)

Erik Chang

In a sign that competition for the mobile broadband space is heating up, T-Mobile has dropped the 5GB data usage limit on their mobile broadband offering.

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1.5 Trillion Text Messages Sent in the United States in 2009

Erik Chang

Get this. During 2009, more than 1.5 trillion text messages — that’s with a t — were sent on wireless carriers’ networks.

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The Best and Worst Cell Phone Commercials of 2009

Angelica Nierras

Some advice for all advertisers as we go into 2010: don’t mess with Mrs. Claus, touchy political issues, or reincarnation. Do use puppies and dancing babies. Please more dancing babies? Our picks for the best and worst cell phone TV ads of 2009. #1 WORST WIRELESS TV AD OF 2009 Naughty Mrs. Claus

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Anatomy of a Cell Phone Bill

Erik Chang

What are you paying for? We broke down all the fees and charges on a typical cell phone bill and found some things you pay for that you may not be aware of. Pay-per-use data access charges can rack up quickly if you’re charged by the kb and if you’re on a cruise, you’ll want to turn the phone off to avoid expensive roaming charges.

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