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“How to Avoid Overspending This Holiday Season”

Fox Business, Oct 2012

“For Many, Senior Phone Plans Don’t Ring True”

MarketWatch, Oct 2012

“Senior Cell Phone Plans a Good Deal?”

MSN Money, Oct 2012

“How to Avoid Expensive and Unnecessary Cell Phone Charges”

Appolicious, August 2012

“The Real Costs of a Smartphone”

MSN Money, August 2012

“How to Save $162 a Month”, August 2012

“8 Easy Ways To Slash A Ridiculously Expensive Cell Phone Bill”

Business Insider, August 2012

“Shared Mobile Data Plans: Who Benefits?”

New York Times, July 2012

“Google and the Future of Search”

Seeking Alpha, July 2012

“Which Cell Phone Plan is the Best”

NBC, July 2012

“The Savvy Consumer: Savings by the Dollar”

Star-Telegram, June 2012

“A Guide to Deciphering the Language of Smartphones”

New York Times, May 2012

“These Rewards Credit Cards Were Created With Foodies In Mind”

Business Insider, May 2012

“These Rewards Credit Cards Were Created With Foodies In Mind”

Business Insider, May 2012

“Finance Tips for Grads”

CBS, May 2012

“12 Tips to Cut Your Cell Phone Bill”

ComputerWorld, May 2012

“Financial Checklist for College Grads”

Reuters, May 2012

“3 Easy Ways to Save Cash”

Cosmopolitan, April 2012

“A Ballooning Megabyte Budget”

New York Times, April 2012

“7 Ways You Can Beat Bill Shock and Save Money”

Yahoo Finance, April 2012

“Three Steps to a Cheaper Cell Phone Bill”

GottaBe Mobile, April 2012

“Understanding True Wallet Share”

NRF’s Stores, April 2012

“Top 50 Startups to Work for After College”, March 2012

“The Savvy Consumer: Match Your Cellphone Plan to Your Use to Save Money”

Star-Telegram, March 2012

“There’s a Good Chance You’re Overpaying for Data on Your Phone”

TIME, March 2012

“BI Goes from Geek to Chic”

Information Management, March 2012

“Consolidating Big Data To Create One View Of The Customer”

Retail TouchPoints, March 2012

“Consumer Loyalty”

MediaPlanet, March 2012

“Hires and Promotions”

SF Gate, March 2012

“Merchant Rewards and Cards”

Celent, March 2012

“The Psychology Behind Customer Spending”

Retail TouchPoints, March 2012

“Why Retailers Should Understand the Psychology Behind Customer Spending”

1to1 Media, March 2012

“Bank Rewards Programs Benefiting from ‘Loyalty Trifecta”

Finextra, February 2012

“Big Data Provides Big Opportunity for Bank Loyalty”

Bank Marketing Strategy, February 2012

“Big Data Drives ‘Loyalty Trifecta’ for Banks”

BAI Banking Strategies, February 2012

“Data for the Public Good”

O’Reilly Radar, February 2012

“Ultimate Checklist for Returning US Expats”

CNN Go, February 2012

“The Psychology Behind Consumer Spending”

Internet Marketing Grind, February 2012

“Infographic: 10 Ways to Increase Sales in 2012″

Under30CEO, February 2012

“Top Ways to Increase Sales”, February 2012

“Extreme Ways to Save More Than $10,000 in 2012″

Investing Answers, February 2012

“The Rich Girl’s Money Rules to Live By”

MSN, February 2012

“A New Coupon Source: Your Account Statement”

SmartMoney, January 2012

“Cable TV on the Cheap”

SmartMoney, January 2012

“Top 10 Trends in Retail Banking and Payments, 2012″

Aite Group LLC, January 2012

“AT&T Increases Prices for Smartphone, Tablet Data Plans”

Fox Business, January 2012

“Waste Not, Want Not; Those Little Fees Add Up”

Courier Post Online, January 2012

“Online & Mobile Banking Forecast”

Online Financial Innovations, January 2012

“A Frugal 2012: Pay Off Debt, Budget, Trim Fat”

The Washington Post, January 2012

“Follow These Three Steps to Set Up a Budget”

Asbury Park Press, January 2012

“Resolved to Set a Budget and Keep It In 2012? Here are Three Steps to Get You Started on That Goal”

The Republic, January 2012

“2012 Financial Resolutions”

CBS News, January 2012

“Home-Warranty Companies Top Consumer Complaint List Again”

Star-Telegram, December 2011

“Cheap Chic: Frugal Living Tips for 2012″

SecondAct, December 2011

“5 Top Shopping Tips of 2011″

SmartMoney, December 2011

“Bank Innovation’s Wish List: Better Coupons”

Bank Innovation, December 2011

“America’s Next Top FinTech Innovator”

Bank Technology News, December 2011

“Swift to Take Start-Up Contest Global”

Finextra, December 2011

“Driving Customer Acquisition and Retention by Tapping into the Next Generation of Online and Mobile Banking”

Loyalty 360, November 2011

“7 Tips for Fiscal Happiness”

Men’s Health, November 2011

“Tech Gifts: Add-Ons You May Not Need”

CBS Early Show, November 2011

“How Mobile Banking is Different From Online Banking”

ABA Banking Journal, November 2011

“Big Revenue Opportunity Via Online Statements”

Fierce Finance, November 2011

“Most Consumers Want Purchasing Insights From Their Banks”

ABA Banking Journal, November 2011

“10 Fees You Shouldn’t Be Paying”

CBS, November 2011

“Do You Use BillShrink?”, November 2011

“Lower Your Cell Phone Bill”

Good Housekeeping, November 2011

“Finovate Alumni News”

Finovate, November 2011

“Not Saying Checkmate Yet”

American Banker, November 2011

“Tips to Avoid Woman’s Shocking $201,000 Smartphone Bill”

Michigan Business Review, October 2011

“Rewards Cards Get More Rewarding”

CNN Money, October 2011

“Saving Up With the Joneses”, October 2011

“Innovations in Mobile at Finovate”

Celent, October 2011

“Banks Use Science to Crack the Genetic Code of Spending Habits”

Bank Technology News, October 2011

“3 Tips To Avoid Cell Phone Bill Shock Before The FCC’s Rules Take Effect”

Business Insider, October 2011

“Carriers to Curb Bill Shock, Warn Consumers About Data Overages”

Forbes, October 2011

“Tips: Avoid mobile-phone overage charges”

Consumer Reports, October 2011

“Carriers to Warn Consumers About Data Overages”

Mobiledia, October 2011

“Sneaky Credit Card Charges”

Good Housekeeping, October 2011

“7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Splurging”

LearnVest, October 2011

“Banks, Give Us a Reason to Pay You Fees (and to Mobile Bank)”

Bank Innovation, October 2011

“Evolving Business Models in a Post-Durbin Market”

paybefore, October 2011

“TheFintech Hottest: Stocktwits, BOKU and BillShrink Leading the Pack”

TheFintech, September 2011

“Best (Free!) Sites for Managing your Finances”

The Daily Muse, September 2011

“The Rise Of The Online To Offline Commerce Network”

Business Insider, September 2011

“How to Find More Coupons and Save Now”

Fox Business, September 2011

“Financial Tech Coming to a Phone or Wallet Near You”

Reuters Money, September 2011

“Data Mining at Banks as Critical as Ever”

Fierce Finance, September 2011

“How to Save on Your Smartphone Bill: Track Data Usage … Painlessly”

DailyFinance, September 2011

“Truaxis and Guardtime Win Swift Innovation Challenge”

Finextra, September 2011

“Day Two Recap of FinovateFall 2011″

Bank Systems & Technology, September 2011

“7 Sites That Can Save You Money”

Cosmopolitan, September 2011

“The 5-Sentence Secret to Slashing Your Cable Bill”, September 2011

“Five Ways to Mine Bank Data for Marketing Gold”

BTN, September 2011

“10 Painless Ways to Save $1,000″

MainStreet, September 2011

“Three Ways to Cut Everyday Expenses”

CNN Money, September 2011

“Design: BillShrink Uses Splash Page to Introduce New Corporate Website and Truaxis Name”

NetBanker, September 2011

“BillShrink Changes Name to Truaxis”

American Banker, September 2011

“The Debit Is in the Details”

Huffington Post, September 2011

“10 Painless Ways to Save $1,000″

MoneyTalksNews, September 2011

“Farnoosh Torabi’s Money-Management Strategies”

Washington Post, September 2011

“College Kids Need to Pick the Right Credit Card in Addition to Classes, Dorms and Friends”

NY Daily News, August 2011

“5 Datos Sobre Deudas Que No Te Dijeron”

CNN Expansion, August 2011

“Nickels & Dimes: Sprint to Charge $350 for Early Cancellation”

SmartMoney, August 2011

“Is the Sprint iPhone a Better Bet?”

SmartMoney, August 2011

“4 Fast Ways to Save Money Now”

SmartMoney, August 2011

“‘Extreme Couponing’ Blamed for Increased Newspaper Theft”

The Christian Post, August 2011

“Fast Ways to Save”

CBS, August 2011

“Where to Invest if You Want to Avoid Stocks”

CNN Money, August 2011

“Is It Better to Buy a Cellphone Without a Contract or Subsidized with a Plan?”

Lifehacker, August 2011

“Will the Next Groupon-Killer Be Your Bank or Even a Hotel?”

All Things D, August 2011

“Simple Hacks to Cut Your Cell Phone Bill in Half”

Time, August 2011

“Are You Using BillShrink Yet?”, August 2011

“Which is Better: Verizon iPhone 5 or Motorola Droid Bionic”

GizmoCrunch, August 2011

“Cellphone Comparison Chart 2011″

GizmoCrunch, August 2011

“7-Minute Solution: Save Money on Cable and Phone Bills”

Parade, August 2011

“3 Great Money Saving Websites”

The Kim Komando Show, July 2011

“Comparison Shopping Websites”

Fox Studio 10, July 2011

“Cell Phone Bill Too Expensive? Here’s How to Lower It”

AM New York, July 2011

“A Bill-by-Bill Guide to Saving Money on Your Monthly Expenses”

Lifehacker, July 2011

“From Google, Credit Cards for Small Business”

Bloomberg Businessweek, July 2011

“A New Type of Reward With Your Debit Card”

The New York Times, July 2011

“Evolving Rewards Strategies: How Merchant-Funded Programs Will Usher in a New Era of Loyalty for FIs”

Javelin Strategy & Research, July 2011

“Merchant-Funded Rewards Programs: Moneymakers for Financial Institutions, Market Makers for Merchants”, July 2011

“How the Cut in Debit Card Swipe Fees Will Affect You”

WalletPop, July 2011

“10 Reasons I’m Cancelling My Credit Cards”

SmartMoney, July 2011

“Is Your Cell Phone Bill Too High?”

Kiplinger, July 2011

“Which States Are Celebrating The Fourth With A Bang?”

LearnVest, July 2011

“Finance Startup Yodlee Hits 34M Users, Looks to a “FinApps” Future”

Venture Beat, July 2011

“How the Cut in Debit Card Swipe Fees Will Affect You”

Daily Finance, July 2011

“Wireless Providers Lower Prices To Battle For Your Business”

CBS 7, July 2011

“Changes May Be in Store for Debit Cards”

YNN Austin, June 2011

“New Reward Programs Coming to a Card Near You”

Time, June 2011

“Infographic: America Saves Less”

CBS MoneyWatch, June 2011

“Now Your Bank Might Have Deals, Discounts for You”

Charlotte Observer, June 2011

“Verizon vs. AT&T: Who Has the Better Data Plan?”

MainStreet, June 2011

“Why Issuers Can Kick Groupon’s Butt”

Bank Innovation, June 2011

“Coming Soon: Coupons on Your Bank Statement”

Kiplinger, June 2011

“The Case for Merchant Funded Incentives: New Opportunities for Card Issuers”

Aite Group LLC, June 2011

“Data Mining and Predictive Analytics for Financial Institutions”

Javelin Strategy & Research, June 2011

“Top Trends in Retail Online Banking”

Celent, June 2011

“Make Even More Money”

More Magazine, June 2011

“Bank Statements with a Bonus: Deals and Discounts”

brandchannel, June 2011

“An Assessment of Five Web Tools to Maximize Your Money”

Suite 101, June 2011

“Now Banks Take a Turn at Coupons”

New York Times, June 2011

“Savings Experiment: Shave a Bundle off Your Yearly Expenses”

WalletPop, June 2011

“BillShrink Extends StatementRewards Service”

Retail Banker International, June 2011

“Are You Overpaying for Your Data Plan?”

MSNBC, June 2011

“Bank Statements to Include Offers Based on Spending Habits”

DailyDealMedia, June 2011

“US Banks Jump on Deals Bandwagon”

StrategyEye, June 2011

“Having that College Credit Card Discussion”

Journal Sentinel, June 2011

“Saving with CBS 12: Saving on Cable Bills”

CBS12, June 2011

“How To Settle Your Debts”

SmartMoney, June 2011

“BillShrink Statement Offers Can Change on the Fly”

American Banker, June 2011

“Phones as Gifts: How to Navigate a Maze of Choices”

New York Times, June 2011

“Google Wallet’s Success Depends On One Feature”

MyBankTracker, June 2011

“Five Budget Travel Tips For a Guilt-Free Vacation”

WalletPop, June 2011

“Boosting Revenue With Merchant-Funded Offers”

Forrester, May 2011

“Consumers Need to Learn Ways to Curb Fees as New Debit Card Swipe Fees Loom”, May 2011

“The Savings Game: The Good News, and Bad, if Debit Swipe Fees Decline “

Arizona Daily Star, May 2011

“Coupon Clipping of the 21st Century”

MyBankTracker, May 2011

“Do Gas Saving Devices Work?”

MoneyTalksNews, May 2011

“BillShrink Announces Four New Innovations for In-Statement Rewards”

Payments News, May 2011

“How to buy a CD”

SmartMoney, May 2011

“Visa Digital Wallet With One-Click Buying To Launch This Fall”

Forbes, May 2011

“New Loyalty Programs Crop Up That Will Give You Cash Back Directly in Your Bank Account”

All Things Digital, May 2011

“Billshrink Upgrades Its Statement Rewards With Rewards Discovery, Geolocation And Social Features”

TechCrunch, May 2011

“Chasing yield: Can We Do Better Than 0.07%?”

CNN Money, May 2011

“Are Small-Business Credit Cards a Plastic Trap?”

SmartMoney, May 2011

“Consumer Reports Offers New Comparison Tool”

New York Times, May 2011

“‘Consumer Reports’ will link readers to”

St. Petersburg Times, April 2011

“Consumer Reports Adds BillShrink’s Recommendations”

Forbes, April 2011

“Consumer Reports Integrates BillShrink’s Savings Recommendations Into Reviews”

TechCrunch, April 2011

“Show Us the Data. (It’s Ours, After All.)”

The New York Times, April 2011

“Money Tip: How to Save as Gas Prices Keep Climbing”

The Seattle Times, April 2011

“Brits Waste $8 Billion a Year on Wrong Phone Plans”

Mobiledia, April 2011

“Checking Accounts Go from Free to Fee”

CBS MoneyWatch, April 2011

“No Real Savings: Bank Fees Rise for All to Cover Lost Revenue”

New York Post, April 2011

“Credit Card Rules”

CBS, April 2011

“Top 10 Websites”

Today’s THV, April 2011

“Bill Shrinking Sites Abound”

Charlotte Observer, April 2011

“How Will Banks Fill Regulation Revenue Holes? By Charging Us.”

Forbes, April 2011

“The New Best Credit Cards”

MarketWatch, April 2011

“Getting the Most Out of That Tank of Gas”

Washington Post, April 2011

“When The $99 Cable Bundle Special Runs Out: How To Negotiate A New Deal”

Hartford Courant, March 2011

“Gas-saving tips to fuel money savings”

Chicago Tribune, March 2011

“Saving sense: app, Billshrink, Zilok, Circus Day”

NBC, March 2011

“After T-Mobile Deal, What Now for Sprint?”

Fox Business, March 2011

“Ways to Easily Cut Back and Save Some Green!”

ABC 15, March 2011

“Unearth the Unwired Deals”

Entrepreneur, March 2011

“Parents Receive Suggestions for Cutting Gas Costs”

Abilene Reporter-News, March 2011

“Credit Cards: New Annual Fees for Customers Who Can’t Close Their Accounts”

Time, March 2011

“With Bank Innovation on the Decline, Financial Startups Steal Banking Customers”

Lending Club, March 2011

“Is Cable Still Worth It”

Reuters, March 2011

“25 Ways to Waste Your Money”

Kiplinger, March 2011

“Are You Better Off Because of the CARD Act?”

MarketWatch, February 2011

“5 Ways Americans Overspend”

Chicago Tribune, February 2011

“A Look on the Best Credit Cards with Rewards”

Daily Rosetta, February 2011

“How to Cut Back on Cell Phone Costs”

Fox Business, February 2011

“How to Pay Off Your Holiday Debt”

LearnVest, February 2011

“Best Credit Cards for 2011″

CBS MoneyWatch, February 2011

“Save $500 on Your Cellphone this Year”

SmartMoney, February 2011

“Gotcha! Ways Banks Burn You With Hidden Fees”

CNBC, February 2011

“Save $200 a Year with Smarter Texting”

CBS MoneyWatch, February 2011

“10 Painless Ways to Save $1000 by Next Year”

MSN Money, February 2011

“Eight Fees You Should Negotiate”

CBS Early Show, February 2011

“The Great Consumer Courtship”

Wall Street Journal, February 2011

“Debit Card Changes Coming”, February 2011

“Fattening Your Savings Account Can Be a Painless Process”

Sacramento Bee, February 2011

“Overpaying for Cell Service? Probably”

AARP, February 2011

“Online Bank Users Want In-Statement Savings and Rewards: BillShrink”

TMCnet, February 2011

“You’re Using More Smartphone Data Than You Think”

CNN Money, February 2011

“Rate Plans: How AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile Stack Up”

Fortune, February 2011

“Looking for a Credit Card? Get One that Fits”

Chicago Tribune, February 2011

“You’re Probably Wasting Hundreds of Dollars on Your Wireless Plan”

The Atlantic, February 2011

“Study: U.S. Wireless Subscribers Overpay on Service”

CNET, February 2011

“More on Finding Cheap Gas”

New York Times, February 2011

“Four Ways to Make Sure Your Cell-Phone Plan Fits the Bill”

Chicago Tribune, February 2011

“BillShrink — and It’s Free!”

Dale Robyn Siegel, January 2011

“Wireless Companies to Charge More, End Some Perks”

CBS, January 2011

“Online Tools to Help You Save”

ABC, January 2011

“Is It OK to Spend Again?”

MainStreet, January 2011

“How to Reduce Your Cable TV Bill”

Lifehacker, January 2011

“10 Online Financial Tools to Help You Save in 2011″

MSN Money, January 2011

“The Official Guide to Saving Money in 2011″

Yahoo! Shine, January 2011

“10 New Money Tools for Young Adults”

U.S. News and World Report, January 2011

“New Year’s Resolution: Go on a Spending Diet!”

Good Housekeeping, January 2011

“11 Big Ideas for 2011″

US Banker, January 2011

“Year’s End List of Best Web Apps”

Examiner, December 2010

“Got Five Minutes to Cut Costs on Your Bills?”

Globe and Mail, December 2010

“Financial New Year’s Resolutions”

CBS, December 2010

“True Cost of Wish List Items”

Examiner, December 2010

“How to Talk Your Way into a Cheaper Cable Bill”

Gizmodo, December 2010

“13 Fast Money-Saving Fixes”

FamilyCircle, December 2010

“Stern Advice: Debit Cards Don’t Deserve Their Popularity”

Reuters, December 2010

“The True Cost of Your Wish List”

SmartMoney, December 2010

“Buy Gifts Without Real Money”

Chicago Tribune, December 2010

“AT&T Named Worst Carrier by Consumer Reports”

WalletPop, December 2010

“New Opportunities Arise for Acquirers to Help Merchants”

American Banker, December 2010

“Shopping for a Smartphone, with a Focus on Features”

New York Times, December 2010

“Merchant-Funded Rewards Programs Get a Boost from Interchange Fee Cuts”

American Banker, December 2010

“To Smartphone, or Not to Smartphone?”

Huffington Post, December 2010

“Tips for Curing the Holiday Shopping Hangover Ahead of Time”

Fox Business, November 2010

“A Budget Tip for Holiday Travel —”

Examiner, November 2010

“Dying with Debt: A Dirty Little Retirement Secret”

USA Today, November 2010

“Upgrade Your Life: How to Pick the Best Cell Phone”

Yahoo! News, November 2010

“Banking & Credit Card Tips”

Forbes, November 2010

“What You Need to Know About Third-Party Recommendation Engines”

Forrester, December 2010

“3 Dumb Ways To Buy a Smart Phone”

MSN, November 2010

“4 Personal-Finance Technologies To Watch For”

Kiplinger, November 2010

“Before You Retire, Eliminate These 7 Costs”

Today Show, November 2010

“More Banks are Giving Away ‘Free Money’ So Watch Your Wallet”, November 2010

“Now at Your Local Bank: Free Money”

The Wall Street Journal, November 2010

“BillShrink Rewards Consumers’ Spending Habits”

American Banker, November 2010

“BillShrink Offers Statement Rewards Tied to Consumer Purchasing”

American Banker, October 2010

“Cell Phone Data Plan Comparison: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and More”

WalletPop, October 2010

“7 Fees You Should Stop Paying Right Now”

Yahoo! Shine, October 2010

“7 Fees You Should Stop Paying Right Now”

Today Show, October 2010

“Why It Doesn’t Pay To Save”

CNBC, October 2010

“Charged Up: Ways to Knock Down Business Card Rates”

Entrepreneur, October 2010

“9 Ways Your Money is Going Sci-Fi”

CNN, October 2010

“FCC to Take on Cell Phone Bill Shock”

American Public Media, October 2010

“Making a Game Out of Your Finances”

Buffalo News, October 2010

“Save Money Fast by Shrinking Your Bills”

Examiner, October 2010

“Switching Cell Carriers for Better Service”

Yahoo Finance, October 2010

“How to Find Better Cell Service”

MSN Money, October 2010

“Credit Card Overhaul Leaves Small Businesses Vulnerable”

Chicago Tribune, October 2010

“BillShrink Wins Best of Show at Finovate Fall 2010″

Finovate, October 2010

“Finovate Fall 2010 Best of Show Winners”

NetBanker, October 2010

“Coming Soon to Your Bank Statement: Tax Info & Macy’s Coupons”

Consumer Reports, October 2010

“Fees to Avoid”

New York Times, October 2010

“BillShrink Debuts StatementRewards Platform for Financial Institutions”, October 2010

“How to Stretch Your Paycheck”

Chicago Tribune, September 2010

“Channeling Cable Wars for Savings”

SmartMoney, September 2010

“Why You Should Behave Less Like an American and More Like a German”

Time, September 2010

“Haggle and Save”

Daily Herald, September 2010

“Ask Maggie: On iPhone Upgrades and Reception Issues”

Cnet, September 2010

“Tips for Dealing with Three Major Financial Crises”

Woman’s Day, September 2010

“Website Offers Tips on Avoiding Unnecessary Phone, Card Fees”

Chicago Sun-Times, September 2010

“Banks Find Ways to Charge Credit Card Users”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, September 2010

“Credit Card Reform Leaves Small Businesses Unprotected”, September 2010

“Top 5 Rewards Cards for Travelers”, September 2010

“A Debt-Free Holiday?”

MSN Money, September 2010

“Why Credit Card Companies Always Win”

AllBusiness, September 2010

“20 Clues You Need a Money Makeover”

MSN Money, September 2010

“10 Fees You Shouldn’t Be Paying”

Kiplinger, September 2010

“Dieting Your Money”

Examiner, September 2010

“Stretch Your Paycheck”

Yahoo Finance, September 2010

“Decluttering 101: From Taxes to Bills to Makeup Drawers”

The Smarter Wallet, September 2010

“Small Businesses Smacked with Credit Card Rate Hikes”

Inc., September 2010

“Stretch Your Paycheck”

Kiplinger, September 2010

“The Best Credit Cards for Retirees”

SmartMoney, August 2010

“Samsung Sells 1 Million Galaxy S Phones But Not All Are Created Equal”

LA Times, August 2010

“Applying for Your First Credit Card”

LifeTuner, August 2010

“6 Expenses to Ditch in Retirement”

SmartMoney, August 2010

“Prevent Cellphone Bill Shock”

Consumer Reports, August 2010

“Take Charge Strategies vs Credit Card Debt”

Daily Tribune, August 2010

“Deciphering Cellphone Family Plans”

SmartMoney, August 2010